About Us

BleagLee is on a mission to fight climate change by putting up sustainable projects for converting large amounts of waste into useful products around the world. The main aim of the business is to make economic use of waste, while reducing multi-hazard scenarios caused by poor waste disposal.

Our main activities include:
Continuing cooperation with communities for waste acquirement
Sourcing of waste
Manufacturing bioenergy from waste
Creating long-term collaborations with buyers of waste in different industries
Assessing alternate markets for waste
Economic empowerment programs and measuring impact


Using disruptive technology like Artificial Intelligence,

BleagLee has developed and patented the design of software to automatically and rapidly detect waste on streets, fields, drainage channels, green spaces and other physical sites. Compared to the process of sending waste workers and drivers to fields, BleagLee’s system is more profitable by significantly reducing the logistics cost of driving for hours to collect survey data.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 13. Mitigate 300 million tons/year of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 2030.

Responsible Consumption & Production

SDG 12. Eliminate fossil based sources to produce useful products like bioenergy.
Eliminate more than 95% of smoke compared to open waste burning or waste induced wildfires.

Decent work and Economic Growth

SDGs 8 & 1:
Increase the net income of low-income people by 40% by creating a market for waste

YouthAdapt Solutions Challenge, 2021

AFD Digital Challenge Awards, 2021

1st Prize Winner: YouthConnekt Africa, Oct 2019

1st Prize Winner: Innovation Time of RAF, Oct 2019

Juveline Ngum (Founder and CEO)

Juveline is the CEO of the company and focuses on strategy and sales. Her vision for the company is to work with communities on one end to increase their income and on the other hand to work with industry by producing next generation energy products out of waste.


Ayumbi Gradolf (Co-founder & Director of Innovation & Circular Economy Lead)

Gradolf is the Director of Innovation and Circular Economy Lead at BleagLee, driving innovation and leading waste management research into strategic future business opportunities for the company. He has significant experience in Tech.