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Impacting the next generation of renewable energy for agriculture leaders in Africa

Bleaglee EnergySkills

aims to attract, promote and develop talent of young people and women aged 18 to 35 for the Energy industry through:


Mentoring women and youth in the production, operation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy equipment, as well as on climate-smart agriculture


United voices for education and skills development of the Energy Industry


Lead partnerships in the Energy Industry in Cameroon and Africa towards a sustainable skill model


Collaborate with other companies in the Energy Industry to provide quality recruitment of talent

  Our Story:

Very few smallholders have access to renewable equipment for solar drying, solar cooling, solar-powered cooking, solar water pumping and solar irrigation kits. The unreliability of local electricity supplies, the expense of conventional solar equipment, and the lack of technical expertise for the installation and maintenance all have led to the search for alternative solutions such as coal and diesel-powered equipment.

  Our Approach:

Bleaglee EnergySkills program mentors women and youth between the ages of 18 and 35 in the production, operation, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy equipment, as well as in climate-smart agriculture. Bleaglee EnergySkills mitigates climate change, promotes the development of renewable energy skills, supports food security and increases smallholder income through replicable practices. Young people can also earn a reasonable amount of money, leading to improved livelihoods.