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Our Service

Our Services

Bleaglee Education center:

Connecting teachers with those in the online community who need information and education in order to reduce illiteracy in vulnerable areas. This involves an open learning platform with a collection of learning resources where participants can join the online community, publish interactive teaching content for learners and use assessments, worksheets and games anywhere, anytime, offline and online.

Bleaglee House:

Building future leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs by giving them hands-on experience, empowering and training them with entrepreneurial, leadership and personal development skills to start their own small and medium sized businesses. Growing up, I often thought to myself: Why not encourage, train, nurture and raise more children to be conscious of the circular economy at a young age, so that they can collectively become great leaders and go beyond the scope of their dreams? Bleaglee uses low-cost innovations and hands-on experience to empower and train future leaders on issues such as environmental education, waste management, greening schools, and water and sanitation. This involves connecting future leaders with entrepreneurs and innovators to receive on-the-site training in order to improve on their technical skills, and start their own small and medium sized businesses. After graduation, students are connected with an online community where trainers follow-up on learner’s progress through surveys, assessments and questionnaires.