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Bleaglee || Renewable Energy Solutions for Developing Countries.


Name Solar-powered cooking stove with light and electricity output aided by AI powered sensors.
Price $80
Name Solar-powered cooking stove with light and electricity output.
Price $30
Name Biomass Cookstove
Price $30
Name Portable camping stove for indoor and outdoor use.
Price $50
Name Dual-purpose Aluminum Outdoor and Indoor Portable Burning Stove with Grill for food cooking and drying
Price $55
Name Biomass stove for camping, backpacking, hunting and jungle adventure
Price $100
Name Portable biomass stove
Price $30
Name Smokeless cooking fuel briquettes in briquette bag
Price $2


Who we are

With top cooking knowledge and expertise, Bleaglee products are engineered for healthy, life-saving and clean food. Our collection is available in a range of styles, life-saving fuel, multiple widths and a selection of high-quality models. All boasting quality craftsmanship and features with true food cooking and drying benefits.

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SunCase Dehydrators

Multipurpose, mobile and stationery solar dehydrators that can dry and preserve fruits, grains, fish vegetables and other products before they go to waste without using any electricity, for lower resource settings to reduce farm-to-table food waste and energy costs.


Bleagle Smart Stoves

Smart, recyclable cooking stoves powered by solar and use the BioLoop briquettes for cooking fuel. The stoves are made from recycled metal scraps and aided by AI powered sensors


BioLoop Briquettes

Clean fuel briquettes made from recycled coconut shells, palm kernels and waste paper to make an alternative to charcoal. This not only reduces deforestation by preventing trees from being felled for wood but the product also burns more cleanly, with less smoke.


FindFood System

Our Find Food traceability system connects consumers to small scale farmers and cuts down on food waste.


We buy the dried food from the farmers, package it as snacks, and then sell it in the US and Europe to prevent food waste. As part of the process, trucks collect the fruit from remote farms, and then the final product is packaged at strategic locations and making sure the value addition happens locally.


Our approach

We create sustainable solutions that meet people and planet’s needs, and then work with partners to develop a health-friendly, circular economy.

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