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Waste-to-Energy and Clean Energy solutions.

Bleaglee is a renewable energy technology company that uses the power of science and technology to provide 100% earth-friendly, smart, clean energy solutions for cooking, drying, lighting and heating, to reduce carbon footprint.

Our impact

Bleaglee is a social enterprise that uses low cost innovations to produce clean waste-to-energy products. We hope to bring a sustainable solution to the challenges of environmental waste, pollution and deforestation.

Reduced Pollution
Our waste to clean energy recycling saves 75% of energy, reducing air pollution by 86%

Reduced Deforestation
For every ton of biomass briquette, 86 trees with a diameter of 10 cm is saved from cutting for firewood and charcoal making, decreasing the rate of deforestation

Employment and Job Creation
Recruiting and training 80 youths to produce and sell our products creates 80 additional jobs within the economy

Reduced Health Issues
Our almost smoke-free Bleag briquettes reduces indoor air pollution on the lungs of cooks, as well as reduces the effects of smoke pollution on the eye-sight and heart of users

Saves Money
Bleag briquettes and cooking stoves on average save 40% of firewood cost and 55% of charcoal cost

Saves Time
Bleag briquettes and cookstoves cook 5 times faster than traditional ovens, thereby saving time that cooks would have used preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner

The Press

  • “Top 10 Cameroon Innovations”

  • “Bleaglee brings honour to Camerooon”

  • “An Eco-sustainable Initiative”

Our Awards

  • Innovation Time Award of the Rebranding Africa Forum, 2019

  • YouthConnekt Africa Award, 2019

What Our customers Say:

  • Mrs Bridget Aka, Founder Bri Center:

    “I love the products. They help me save time for other tasks. They are really fast in cooking”

  • Mrs Julie Ongwa, Teacher Government Bilingual High School Bamenda:

    “I am able to cut budget cost that would have been used buying firewood, thanks to the Bleaglee team”


Contact info:

Mail P.O. Box 5041,
Bamenda, Cameroon


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